Manual Vacuum Aspiration Training – 10 February 2017

Dear Colleagues

The Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) training course is a joint RCOG/BSACP/FSRH hands-on and theoretical course that focuses on the outpatient management of miscarriage and abortion using manual vacuum aspiration.

The MVA procedure is accessible, easy to deliver, does not require a general anaesthetic and is cost-effective. With the high safety profile of this procedure and increasing potential, there is need to improve access to MVA in the UK.

In addition to providing a grounding in the MVA, this course covers the equipment, staffing, analgesia and other requirements for surgical uterine evacuation in the outpatient setting.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to confidently fit together and operate a MVA kit
  • Gain knowledge of appropriate pain relief
  • Safely undertake MVA of uterine contents in a model
  • Learn how to provide appropriate support for the woman and her support person
  • Gain skills to develop a business case for MVA
  • Meet others with experience of setting up similar services
  • Make contacts for sharing guidelines and pathways

View the programme and book online: View the programme and book online >>

We look forward to seeing you at the College.

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