Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Women’s Health Forum guidelines on abortion (2013):

‘Termination of Pregnancy. An RCN Nursing Framework’ (2013).

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) guidelines (November 2011 edition – first published in 2000):

RCOG guideline The Care of Women Requesting Induced Abortion (Evidenced based clinical guideline number 7) .

The World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on abortion (2012):

Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems. WHO, 2012.

The Society of Family Planning a US organisation has papers with guidance on several areas (these are free to download).

The Society of Family Planning (SFP) advances science in family planning, including contraception and abortion, by funding research and promoting the expansion and dissemination of family planning knowledge. SFP also seeks to cultivate a collaborative and supportive environment to foster scholarly activity and leadership in the areas of reproductive health and family planning.

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The papers accessible via links on this page are on the following topics (with publication dates):

Medical reporting of efficacy: the MARE guidelines (2016)

Cervical dilation before first-trimester surgical abortion (<14 weeks’ gestation) (2015)

Medical management of first-trimester abortion (2014)

Cervical preparation for second-trimester surgical abortion prior to 20 weeks’ gestation (2014)

Interruption of nonviable pregnancies of 24–28 weeks’ gestation using medical methods (2013)

Surgical abortion prior to 7 weeks of gestation (2013)

Management of postabortion haemorrhage (2013)

First-trimester abortion in women with medical conditions (2012)

Cancer and contraception (2012)

Labor induction abortion in the second trimester (2011)

Prevention of infection after induced abortion (2011)

Induction of fetal demise before abortion (2010)

Use of the Mirena LNG-IUS and Paragard CuT380A intrauterine devices in nulliparous women (2010)

Contraceptive considerations in obese women (2009)

Cervical preparation for surgical abortion from 20 to 24 weeks’ gestation (2008)