Continuing Professional Development


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StratOG abortion care module:

StratOG is the RCOG’s online learning resource, offering resources that support the Advanced Training Skills Modules and CPD/professional development.

The Abortion Care eLectures have been designed to provide easily accessible, stimulating lectures for trainees and healthcare professionals with an interest in abortion care. The presenters have expertise in both routine and more specialist areas of practice within the UK NHS and the lectures give an overview of the following areas:

The lectures could help practitioners, including those whose personal beliefs conflict with the provision of aspects of abortion care, in meeting the requirements of FSRH and MRCOG syllabi. They are approved by both the RCOG and Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Higher Training Committee (now known as the Special Skills Group) and must be undertaken in order to achieve the FSRH certificate in Abortion Care.


Innovating Education in Reproductive Health:

Innovating Education in Reproductive Health is an initiative of the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Under the leadership of Dr Jody Steinauer, they have created a hub for cutting edge curricula to teach abortion and family planning to health professionals at all levels. The goal is to support clinicians dedicated to providing high-quality health care to women.

Ipas University (IpasU) – training in MVA:

IpasU is an established leader in clinical training, with over 30 years of experience training clinical providers, primarily in the developing world, to provide high-quality uterine evacuation (both postabortion care and abortion care). Over the years, training has expanded to cover topics beyond the clinical aspects of uterine evacuation, to all aspects of abortion care and postabortion care, with vacuum aspiration as well as pharmaceutical means of uterine evacuation. IpasU has increased its reach by providing educational opportunities on other aspects of abortion care, including issues related to sexual violence, gender issues, values clarification and human rights. IpasU annually trains over 16,000 people in up to 30 countries on a variety of topics, much of the content coming from the organisational training materials related to comprehensive abortion care and postabortion care.

The Global Library of Women’s Medicine (GLOWM):

GLOWM is a free resource for medical professionals dedicated to the enhancement of women’s healthcare.