BSACP Welcomes RCOG Council’s Vote in Support of Decriminalisation of Abortion in Britain

22 September 2017

The British Society of Abortion Care Providers (BSACP) welcomes today’s news that the Council of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) voted to support the decriminalisation of abortion in Britain and called for its regulation in line with other medical procedures.

Dr Kate Guthrie, BSACP Co-Chair, said: “BSACP has long been a supporter of the effort to remove abortion from the criminal code in Britain. Abortion is an integral part of women’s healthcare but the current legal framework stigmatises women who need abortion care as well as those who provide it, and hampers medical progress in service delivery. The mounting support of professional organisations such as BSACP, RCOG, Royal College of Midwives and the British Medical Association should compel the British Government to move forward with the decriminalisation of abortion for the well-being of the women who need this service and the clinicians committed to providing it.”

Kate Guthrie (BSACP Co-Chair)