Membership Information

BSACP welcomes applications from the wide range of professionals involved in abortion care.  This includes but is not limited to doctors, nurse, midwives, counsellors, clinical support workers and managers. Membership is also available to trainees and medical, nursing, or midwifery students. We will also consider membership for academics and others whose work is related to the support of abortion services and care.

Those seeking BSACP membership are asked to complete an online application form. BSACP Council shall consider all applications for membership and reserves the right to seek further information and to defer or decline applications.

Annual cost of membership is £50 for doctors and £25 for nurses, midwives, trainees and those from other fields. Student membership is free.

Fees are payable on approval of membership and then on 1st January in subsequent years. Fees may be paid by internet bank transfer, online with a credit card, debit card, PayPal or (if no other payment method is practicable) by cheque.

Prospective new members should apply by completing an online application form.

Existing/expired members should use the following link to renew their membership and pay the 2017 membership fee:

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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